About Us

Smart Life started its operations in 2000 as a small store in a rural area.It offers different kind of smart living tools to make customer's daily activity more easier as well us indoor and outdoor plants and the likes, to make people feel the benefits of having a peaceful and relaxing environment inside and outside of our houses.

Smartlife now offers wide variety of bedding sheets which is the key to a refreshing morning.We believe that the most luxurious item is a beautiful bed and beautiful, simple sheets.

Smart Life clearly recognizes that the customer is paramount and that all its actions and omnichannel strategies must be directed toward providing a personalized merchandise offering and shopping experience online.

Smart Life is committed to open and honest communications with associates and  customers.The store seeks to be proactive in sharing information and in keeping these key up-to-date on important and material developments.

"Smart Life believe that Smart People chooses Smart Solutions."