Kaisa Villa Steamer Iron for Clothes

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The iron is designed to soften the clothes and fabric by means of the hot water steam generated inside, and to flatten the clothes and fabric by "pulling", "pressing" and "spraying", leaving the clothes and fabric as good as new.


Caution Editorial Podcast


✔️Beware of hot condensation spots coming out of the air jets before use


✔️Move the iron vertically up and down, not flat, as this will cause the nozzle to spray water


✔️Do not place or drench in water or liquid


✔️Do not drag or pull plugs and sockets.


✔️Do not allow the plug to come into contact with hot spots, allow the unit to cool down after use and then empty the water reservoir before storing


✔️When not in use for a long period of time, remove the plug and drain the water reservoir.


✔️Do not use damaged sockets, call a professional for repair if damaged, as improper maintenance can lead to injury, fire and electric shock


✔️Do not use the appliance near children.


✔️Do not touch hot spots or steam, empty the remaining water carefully and watch out for hot water and heat burns


✔️If you find damage to the power cord, have it replaced at a designated service point.


✔️Do not turn on the power until water has been added


✔️Make sure the power supply is disconnected before cleaning


✔️Do not start the power supply and then add water to prevent dry burning


✔️If the power cord is found to be damaged, please go to the designated maintenance department to replace it

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