Premium Sole Sauce 3 in 1 Unyellowing Sole for Sneaker

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- La Sole Manila’s PREMIUM SOLE SAUCE (100ml)

- Utility Brush

- Protective Tape

La Sole Manila’s PREMIUM SOLE SAUCE is an advance deoxidizing agent that restores aged and yellowed midsoles & outsoles of sneakers. This is naturally formulated and safe to use on boosts, midsoles, outsoles, foam soles, icy / clear soles and rubber soles. This is good for 3 - 4 applications.



1. Preclean the area to be treated.

2. Place protective tape outside the yellowing area to avoid misapplication.

3. Gently squeeze the bottle to apply the sole sauce to the yellowing area.

4. Use the brush to evenly spread the sole sauce on the desired area of application.

5. Use a cling wrap to encase the sneaker.

6. Place the shoes under direct sunlight for approximately 2 - 3 hours.

7. Remove the cling wrap and wipe off the agent.

8. Rinse and repeat if necessary.


1. Avoid contact with eyes and skin.

2. Wear gloves when applying the solution.

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